User Experience Design

Have you given it a thought how easy to use some of our daily life products are, that you don't worry about them unless they become really inconvenient? And how just a change can bring about frustration in the use of these products?

Imagine waking up on a cool Saturday morning after the stress from the weekdays, you take out your phone to go through your favorite social media and you find out that the power button and charging port has swapped positions.


Yeah, I'd say that too!

How do I charge and use my phone at the same time? How do I power on my phone, it's beyond my reach now? These are the questions you'll anxiously demand an answer for. You get frustrated and consciously record that experience as bad.

This I have come to understand is the problem UX designers dedicate their lives to solve. User experience or UX is a term that describes the overall experience (behavior, interaction) of a user when using a product or service. The experience can range from delightful to frustrating depending on how the product is designed.

User Experience Design or UXD, considers each and every element that shapes the user experience. It’s all about designing specifically for the needs of the user or customer, looking at things like ease of use, quality, and efficiency. UX designer is the connection between human user and the product. Regardless of the complexity of the product a UXD provides a way to make it user-friendly. They study the interactions and behaviors of users of a given product, understand user motivations and devise a seamless digital experience with this information.

Having a better understanding of the intricacies of being a UX designer has further increased my interest in being one. I can't wait to start building real life human centered products.

My name is Abdul-Qayyum Hussayn (TheHussayn), and this is my first of many articles. Hope you had a good read.